Akihiko 1

Akihiko Tokigawa is one of the characters of the series.

Character OverviewEdit

Akihiko is the father of Emina and Touma and wife to Mizuki Tokigawa. Even though he is a famous novelist, while partnering up with his mangaka wife, he has a very laid-back attitude which causes him to slack off from work every now and then. Even so, he seems to work on a regular basis else wise. Akihiko's looks and height seems to have been passed down to Touma, while Mizuki's ferocity and short stature seems to have been down to Emina. His wife is always pressing him to get back to work for this reason. It seems that he married into the family, making that "Tokigawa" was not his original family name.

His twin little brother married his own wife's twin little sister, making the ties between his family and his wife's family quite strong.