Kahe 01 085
This is the fifth chapter of the series Cahe Tantei Bu.


Pairings Nana & Miyu and Risa & Shizuka are out in town, searching for Nana's loved one, while Emina stays at the clubroom to keep the cafe in business by herself. But on such a day, there is so many guests than usual, troubling Emina. Yet, she works her wonders as she paired the four other girls and sent them to places with good meanings. As Nana knows the face of her love, Emina paired her with Miyu to search the bus stop where Nana met him. As for Shizuka and Risa, they were sent to look around Dagashi shops to find out which stores the boy has been to recently. Teacher Tomoe comments that it would be better to use illustrations to make the search easier, but because of the different depiction of the boy's face by each club member, Emina recommended not using illustrations during the search.

At a ramen shop, Nana and Miyu are looking out of the window, on watch for Nana's love. As they look out, they have there lunch which results in Nana eating bowls after bowls of ramen. Risa plays some of the available games that stands outside the stores while Shizuka is asking the store people about Nana's love. Risa invites Shizuka to also try the games, and she is amazed by Shizuka's amazing game-playing ability.

After being called back in the evening, the four girls does not have much to report as they were somewhat fooling off. Though it was regretful, Emina suggests asking her own brother about Nana's love, as he went to same school. Nana is happy to hear this good news. On the way home, right when Emina gets off her stop, Nana who was riding the same bus sees from the back window that her love is picking Emina up on his bike!