Kahe 01 030
This is the second chapter of the series Cahe Tantei Bu.


The Cahe Detective club finally has its grand opening with its new members: Shizuka Hanazono, Risa Naguri, Emina Tokigawa, Nana Mizuho, and Miyu Hatoyama (shown on the right, from left to right). As the members get to know a bit about each other, they find that each of their backgrounds and personalities are quite diverse compared to one another, as they all have different hobbies, abilities and experiences. In all, each of them are a bit outlandish from the usual crowd of people: Emina a detective fanatic who is the top student of the school, Nana an Eating-Queen and also the holder of the academic title "The Normal of Normal", Miyu a Superhero beauty who is actually an honor student, Risa an avid game expert who knows most things foreign, and Shizuka a Martial-Arts master with little interest in the modern culture. Because of this mix of unique yet strange members, with the help of Naru and the Newspaper club, the Cahe club becomes famous around the school.