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Welcome to the wiki that is all about the school-comedy manga Cahe Detective Club. Please register as a proper member and then address yourself to the admin to ask what he needs assistance with.

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In the series Cahe Detective Club (かへたんていぶ kahe tantei bu), there is an all-girls school called Tsubame high that is famous for having many clubs, ranging from the normal cultural clubs to the unique ones, such as the Peace-with-Nature club. This year, 5 first-years wish to make their own club, but there is only one spot left for clubs. In order to solve this problem, they come together to create one club that fulfills each of their own interests: the Cahe Detective Club!

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There are only two trusted sources that will be accepted on this wiki: Vortex scans and the Gangan Online website. Ala-Atra was where the series was scanlated, while Gangan Online is the magazine that officially publishes the series. It is now under the scanlating group of Vortex scans.