The Cahe Detective Clubroom is the cafe where the Cahe Detective Club resides in. It runs as both a cafe and a detective "office".


The club room, now in use as the Cahe Detective Clubroom, was once in the possesion of a previous club that had to close down due to insufficient members, as most members were graduating 3rd years. It was the Cafe club, which seemed to be a very prosperous business, hinted when Emina reported that those Cafe club members once went on a 3-day, 2-night trip to Hawaii with the money made by the Cafe alone.

The Cafe contains the usual setting for any shop: a counter, 9 to 10 sets of tables, all with a nice view outside. In the kitchen area behind the counter is where all the food is made, while on the floor, which is where all the customers are, there is many things for the guests. From game consoles to the interesting club members of the Cahe club, the customers are never unappeased. The clubroom is located above the school cafeteria.

Now it is the Cahe Club's turn to do the same. Even though they are at the minimum of club member count, each member has some sort of interesting feature that attracts costumers. Other than being just a regular cafe, the club is also for the Detective club, and the clubroom is where clients come to when they have a case to turn in.