Kahe 01 067
This is the fourth chapter of the series Cahe Tantei Bu.


A client arrives at the door of the Cahe Detective club with a case in hand. Emina volunteers to take care of the case. After talking for a while, when the client starts to complain about the matters of her case, which is about her boyfriend not talking to her much, Nana intervenes, lecturing that the client should be glad that she even has a boyfriend. The client thinks over about Nana's comment and agrees to it, and the client leaves happily. Recently, Emina is worried that the Detective club may not be quite helpful when it comes to love-relation based cases, for she personally have not been in any kind of a romantic relationship. Nana sympathizes Emina and states that it should be normal for girls their age to have at least a bit of romance in their life. But it seems that the rest of the club does not apply to this, as they all say they are not interested in such a subject.

Each of the three other girls are asked about their "love life", or even if they had any kind of romance in their life. Miyu hasn't been around any boys as she went to an all-girls school every since she entered grade school. This resulted in her under-awareness when exposing her underwear and any other similar events. As for Shizuka, the case remains silent. For Risa, she may have many males in her phone contacts, but all of them are just playmates for gaming. Taking upon this subject, Emina has deduced that Nana has a boy she likes. Everyone is heated up to hear who her boyfriend is, but Nana shouts out in embarassment that she doesn't have a boyfriend, or any such connection with a male.

But this was all a misunderstanding as Emina only said "Nana has a boy she likes", not "Nana has as a boyfriend". Emina meant that Nana has an one-sided love, with four pieces of evidence to prove this. Proof one and two, Nana "graduated" from being an all-out eater and also changed her looks, such as having her hair grow out long and beautiful. These two shows that Nana has grown some sort of conciousness for a boy, meaning she has a boy she likes. The third proof is one that shows that Nana is still single: Nana's reaction to the earlier client was not that of a girl who already has a boyfriend. The last proof proves that Nana has an one-sided feeling for a boy for she has no phone number of a guy. Nana tells her tale of how he met this boy, and all the girls, after hearing it, agrees to help find this love of Nana, whether she is ready for it or not.