It is always useful to know about the deeper roots within the series. This way, it will be easier to understand the contents. Characters, places, and also some other concepts, those that can't be understood through common means unless explained, are provided for you fans. Here you can find those answers:



Knowing about the characters of the story is what everyone wishes for when they are unable to fill in some of the plot-holes concerning some of the character mysteries. Here, you can find info about each character that has been seen so far, some common and some very unusual.


"Location! Location! Location!" as said by some famous person. Places are important, for some places there are important details that can't be set aside from our attention. Learn more about places where the characters of Cahe goes to here.


Some concepts are already known by many of manga and anime fans. But there are some that you won't know unless you have dug deep enough in this series or other similar ones. Find out what you have been questioning about here.