There are some important locations to know about within this series. Some places have certain details that are critical to the basic plot line, while others are important for individual developments throughout the story.


Tsubame High SchoolEdit

An all-girls school, Tsubame High is where Emina and her friends go to school. This school is most famous for having countless clubs, including those that are normal and those that are to the extreme.

Cahe Detective ClubroomEdit

The clubroom which Emina and the rest of the main heroines use was originally the clubroom for the Cafe club that was disbanded the previous year. The Cahe Detective club has now made it their own place.

Emina's HouseEdit

Emina's house is specifically split into two parts: one part is the main house, the other is a Dagashi shop. For Emina and her friends, they usually use the Dagashi shop as the entrance way into the house when visiting.

Kamome High SchoolEdit

The school that Touma and his friends goes to. Unlike Tsubame high, it is a co-ed school and also a normal one.

Summer BeachEdit

The beach that Emina & co. goes to during the summer of their first year of High school. Though it is unnamed at the moment, this is where they go for their Mystery Night trip. It is also the location of where the Theater club of Kamome High goes to in order to train themselves.