Manaka Kisai is one of the characters in the series.

Character OverviewEdit

A good friend to Naru, Emina and the rest of the club members of the Cahe club, Manaka is one of the very few girls, and probably the only girl, who did not enroll into Tsubame High for the clubs, but only to follow her friends through high school. Instead of club activities, she has part-time jobs outside of school and also goes to guitar pratice later in the evening instead of joining a club at school. She chooses her part-time jobs over club participation due to reasons currently unknown, mostly suspected as a family-related situation. Recently though, the club members have questioned if this is really the case...

Bispecaled and with excelent manners, she seems to have exceptional intelect to maintain the part-time jobs while going to such a prestigious school. Her nickname is "Mana".