Narumi Souka is a character in the series.

Character OverviewEdit

A very good friend of Emina and Mana at least since their Junior High years, she is also a regular customer at the Cahe Detective club. Being part of the Journalism/Newspaper club, Narumi also finds enjoyment in collecting data and making news about the everyday activities of the Cahe club, for she sees that each and every member is very unique in their own way. Whenever there is such a chance, she spreads it around the school as soon as possible in order to attract attention, whether it be beneficial to the affected party or not.

Naru is also interested in giving news and info about Sayama-sensei, the teacher Tomoe-sensei has a crush on, to the club members just to enjoy Tomoe's reactions. She also gives other "hot" news, more of rumours, when they are something that would interest the club. She too had an interest in a boy(Touma), but gave up due to his slowness. Even with these playful gestures, Naru is serious about her work for the Newspaper club. Her nickname is "Naru".