Touma Tokigawa is one of the characters of the series.

Character OverviewEdit

The younger twin brother of Emina Tokigawa, Touma goes to Kamome Public High School, a normal co-ed school different from Emina's. Being smart and level-headed, he is very reliable among his family and friends.
Touma 2
He is also a member of the theater club at his school, and is considered as a complete naturalist at acting. His acting skills are so profound that he was able to cross-dress and pose as a female, fooling everyone, even his deductive sister Emina. Though he is very kind and attractive, making him very popular with the girls, Touma is so sexually unattracted to these girls that he does not pay any attention to their emotions and feelings. One example would be Emina's friend Naru, who was once infatuated by him. But it took him many times to remember who she was, and even so, he ignored her advances. Even though they are friends now, she has already given up on him because of his slow personality.

Touma 3
Recently though, he has shown signs of change in the aspect of romance. He remembers Nana Mizuho, whose appearance has changed a lot since the time they last met, which was only once and half-a-year ago. He also treats her nicely and also give compliments, compared to his unintentional cold attitude to other girls. Lastly, he is trying to interact with Nana more, either on the bus or by phone, but he hides these facts with his responseless expressions, even though sometimes he does react. These signs have shown others near him that he has an interest in Nana, but he himself have not said it yet, whether or not he knows he is attracted to Nana...

Even though Emina and Touma are twins, they are fraternal twins and possess different characteristics from one another. While Emina has a short stature, Touma grew 21 centimeters within a year, making him quite tall in comparison to his older sister. Emina is very expressive of her emotions, becoming mad or happy easily, while Touma is more in control of it, giving off a cool and calm atmosphere. She is also more relaxed, prefering to play as she doesn't have to study much due to her special abilities, while he is more hardworking, doing the house chores and other things around their home.


Touma has presumely dark hair, either dark-brown or black as Emina's. He seems to have a sleepy expression which gives him his relaxed atmosphere.


  • Touma, Nana and Emina share the same birthday.