Tsubame High School is an all-girls private school where the five main protagonists of the series, and some other related characters, go to school.


Tsubame High is a private, girls-only high school that is popularly known for its vast numbers of assorted clubs. The clubs that are included within the school ranges from the very normal clubs, such as sports clubs, to the very strange ones that are never seen at any other school, such as the death-metal club or the Back-to-Nature club. The school is a prestigious school, for it is noted as a private academy. Currently, Emina holds the top score for first years alond with Miyu being fifth.

The school is also connected to a Junior High section, though it is unknown if the Jr. High school has the same name as Tsubame's. This may later be revealed.

Tsubame High is also the main setting of most of the series, especially the Cahe Detective Clubroom itself.