Kahe vol1 cover

The very first volume of the series Cafe Detective Club.

Released: August 22, 2011

Cover: Emina Tokigawa (Tsubame school uniform)


It is the start of a brand new series, where five young ladies, Emina, Nana, Risa, Miyu and Shizuka, have enrolled into a private, all-girl's high school known best for its vast number of unique clubs: Kamome high. But they soon find out that only one spot is left for a club this year. At first they compete for this position, however in the end they chose to form one club together, based on the cafe club that was disbanded the year before: the Cahe Detective Club!

From there on, the girls gets to associate with each other and grow bonds with their new friendship. They also function as the detective part of the club when they go on a mission to find Nana's unnamed sweetheart from her Junior High days....