Yuuto Ryoukami is one of the characters in the series.

Character OverviewEdit

With black-straight hair that goes to around his neck, ellipsoidal glasses, and a cool and serious composure, Yuuto is a young high schooler that is popular among the girls for these aspects of good looks. He is also very determined and intelligent, adding yet another reason why almost any girl would fall in love with him. But because of his strict pokerface, Yuuto doesn't usually smile except when he is forced to by his peers. Being good friends with Touma Tokigawa, Sakuya Hidaka and also Itsuki Iwatsuki, he too goes to Kamome high. He and Touma are both aloof to love in their own way and are mostly around each other, so the students of Kamome have started to look at the two as a pairing/couple at times.

Interestingly enough, Yuuto has already picked out the details for his ideal girl, from almost head to toe: Not so foreign looking and someone who comments on the girls every so and then. A girl who is shorter than him, within the range of four years older at the most and a year younger at the least. Hair is black, straight and long, while looking good in traditional Japanese clothes. Some meat on the hip and thighs, with at least D-cup breasts. A pretty, curved-type, with thin far, this is what he has explained in the story....who is the one who will perfectly match these requirements?